Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glass Tile Necklaces

This picture truly does not do these pendants justice at all. Seriously. I think they are so brilliant (I did not come up with the idea!), personalized and beautiful. They are absolutely easy to put together and make great gifts.
I ordered square glass tiles and bails from a sweet seller on Etsy (let me know if you want her name; it was a great experience) and got out my E6000 glue and Mod-Podge.
I printed out pictures to fit the one inch tile, Mod-Podged it on, then sealed it with more Mod-Podge. I also cut a piece of decorative scrapbook paper to back it with and Mod-Podged that on, too. Then, I used the crazy-strong E6000 to glue the bail on.
Those were terrible directions.
HERE is a better tutorial; she uses different glue but you get the picture.
Maddie is going to paint these tiny boxes (about a dollar at Michaels) and we'll wrap the pendants inside.
This project, start to finish, does take a few days. You have to let the glue totally dry before moving on to the next step (which is torture for me; when I start something, I like to get it done). But, they're totally worth it and each one only ends up costing a dollar or so.


  1. I want to make these! so cute! Can you send me the etsy info?