Friday, November 20, 2009

Watercolor Shape "Poem"

This was a fun one, and we both think it turned out great (well, Maddie says it looks "awesome").
First of all, Maddie has taken an interest in poems. We've been busy reading through poetry books and she LOVES to hear/repeat rhyming words. So, I asked her to tell me a poem about Nana. I typed up what she said and printed it on cardstock.
Then, I cut a heart from Con-Tact paper and put it on top of the heart. I also used the glass from a 5x7 frame to trace a rectangle around what would be the final product. She used her watercolors to paint the paper.
When dry, I cut the paper to size and slipped it in a new frame (50% off at the craft store). I think my parents will love it!


  1. I love this! So beautiful and who would not love to receive this as a gift from such a cute girl? Perfect!

  2. What a great idea! It turned out really nice and I'm sure will be a big hit!

  3. i LOVE this new blog! what a fabulous way to journal all your homemade Christmas fun~ and to give all of us some good ideas! :)

  4. Adorable! Going to use this with my kids! Thank you for ALL the great ideas!!

  5. I love this blog! Your ideas are so cute and I love to steal them from you as I hate to shop around all the blogs. Thanks so much for sharing with us all!!!