Friday, November 20, 2009

Candle Holder

Unfortunately, I don't have "action" shots of these, since I was busy making them right along with Maddie. But, this is final product and I absolutely love them!
First of all, I save everything: jelly jars, spaghetti sauce jars, ect. So, we used some of those, plus some cut up (or torn, by Maddie) pieces of tissue paper. I watered down some white glue (since I couldn't find my Mod-Podge) and we set to work.
Maddie would paint the glue on the jar and then decorate it with tissue paper. She loved doing this and made the two round jars (I worked on the square one). When they were dry, we took more white glue and painted on top, sealing the tissue paper right in. Then, I wrapped/hot- glued some gold ribbon around each one, dropped a votive candle in and watched them light up the room! The picture doesn't really do them justice because they really are pretty!
We're going to give all three, as a set, to a special family member!


  1. Very pretty! I did these for Halloween and have two Mason jars set aside for a 'Countdown To Christmas' activity next month with the same technique!

  2. Very cute! Did you tissue paper the inside too?