Friday, November 20, 2009

Watercolor Shape "Poem"

This was a fun one, and we both think it turned out great (well, Maddie says it looks "awesome").
First of all, Maddie has taken an interest in poems. We've been busy reading through poetry books and she LOVES to hear/repeat rhyming words. So, I asked her to tell me a poem about Nana. I typed up what she said and printed it on cardstock.
Then, I cut a heart from Con-Tact paper and put it on top of the heart. I also used the glass from a 5x7 frame to trace a rectangle around what would be the final product. She used her watercolors to paint the paper.
When dry, I cut the paper to size and slipped it in a new frame (50% off at the craft store). I think my parents will love it!

Candle Holder

Unfortunately, I don't have "action" shots of these, since I was busy making them right along with Maddie. But, this is final product and I absolutely love them!
First of all, I save everything: jelly jars, spaghetti sauce jars, ect. So, we used some of those, plus some cut up (or torn, by Maddie) pieces of tissue paper. I watered down some white glue (since I couldn't find my Mod-Podge) and we set to work.
Maddie would paint the glue on the jar and then decorate it with tissue paper. She loved doing this and made the two round jars (I worked on the square one). When they were dry, we took more white glue and painted on top, sealing the tissue paper right in. Then, I wrapped/hot- glued some gold ribbon around each one, dropped a votive candle in and watched them light up the room! The picture doesn't really do them justice because they really are pretty!
We're going to give all three, as a set, to a special family member!

Snow Friends

I am, seriously, so in love with these guys!! When I saw them on Amanda's blog, I knew I had to copy (thank you Amanda and Maddie!). We picked up the pavers (though not easily; they're heavy!) at Home Depot (or was it Lowe's?) and painted them with acrylic paint (2 coats each). I gave Maddie a sponge-tip painter and she went to town. Very helpful. :)
Then, I glued on pom-pom ear muffs, a fleece scarf, some buttons and eyes. I used puffy paint for the nose and smile. As much as it angered Maddie, I had to do these steps because a) I used a hot glue gun and b) I did not want puffy paint everywhere.
On the back of each one, I traced Maddie's hand with Sharpie and wrote the date.
Love these guys!!
These were some fun ornaments we made. I used foam sheets (Dollar Tree!) and precut all the pieces. I connected the circles with jump rings (found in the jewelry-making section of craft stores) and Maddie says that they "dance." She glued the pieces on and I punched a tiny hole in each hat so that we can thread a metal ornament holder through.


Hi! Thanks for making it over here. I'll use this blog as a way to keep track of the handmade, homemade gifts that Maddie and I have been busy making. That means that if you're a family member, be forewarned that one of these may be for you!
This first one is a gift for Grandma. I typed up some interview questions and then Maddie answered them. I'm in love with these, just because you really never know what answer she'll come up with!
Afterwards, she colored it and then requested to add some stickers.
Now, this part was mommy-made! When I saw this on Family Fun, I knew I had to try it. I make wire wrap bracelets (when the mood strikes me) and so I had all the necessary materials. There are good directions here; I altered ours a bit, using black and silver wire and a big heart cookie cutter. I strung a ribbon through it, which will serve as an ornament holder for when it is hung on Grandma's tree.
Then, we folded up the completed and decorated interview questions and slipped it inside! The wrapped wire is thin enough that the interview can be easily slipped in and out. I added a silver bow and it's an ornament and gift, ready to go!