Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo Puzzle

Do you ever have a project where all the pieces just magically fall into place? I know. Rare, huh? It doesn't always happen so smoothly, but this was one of those things that came together so simply.
I'd seen this idea floating around blogland, but had yet to attempt it. Although, when I realized that Maddie was no longer doing her shape puzzle (I think it was just too easy), I decided that this would be the perfect thing.
I started off with a shape puzzle. Hers is a Melissa and Doug, but any puzzle would do. Then, I selected pictures of her family members and used the puzzle shapes as a template, cutting out their faces.
I Mod-Podged the pictures into the appropriate shape slot.
I didn't seal the top because they fit so well, but you could Mod-Podge the top of the pictures, too.
How cute is this?! I had every intention to wrap this up for her, but then... I got too excited and gave it to her early. She absolutely loves it. It's great for memory games, talking about special moments (she can tell you where she was, plus a story, from every picture!) and just adds a spark to a once-loved, then ignored toy.
I recently picked up some more shape puzzles and will be making them as gifts for Maddie's buddies!


  1. love this idea and the girls liked playing with it too! I think I will find a puzzle for them too.

  2. I love your photo puzzle idea! How awesome! I'll have to make one for Alyssa. Thanks!

  3. What an amazing idea! I love Melissa And Doug toys and this just made it even better.