Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peppermint Plates

This project turned out so cute and I absolutely can not wait to give it to a special friend!
First of all, I was inspired by THIS post. She uses a frisbee, but I happened to have a couple of white, plain ceramic plates (from Ikea, about $1 each) that have just been itching to be used!
So, I used the plate and some red acrylic paint. I also cut a circle (traced a smaller bowl) out of Contact paper and placed it in the center of the plate.
Then, I was ready to paint the red stripes. I did this totally free-hand (meaning, I realize it's not perfect but Maddie was upset that she couldn't "help" and so I had to move fast).
After I was done painting, I peeled the Contact paper off...
Oh. Here it is with the Contact paper ON. You can see the edges in the center circle are a little rough. They go away when you peel the Contact paper up.
Then, I wrapped them in cellophane and tied the sides with some red ribbon (the same ribbon, by the way, that was used on our wedding invitations! Never. Throw. Anything. Out!).
We also propped them up on stands that will go along with the plate.
I think these will be cute Christmas decorations in a friend's home (yes, I made one for OUR home, too)!


  1. Adorable. What a great gift with either candies or other tasty treats! Your can even personalize them if you want with family names, etc!

  2. Thank you SO much for my peppermint plate! I was hoping I got one! :)

  3. you have WONDERFUL Christmas ideas! I hope I can remember to check this out again next year!
    Thanks for sharing,